Rapid Response: Hickenlooper’s Corruption

October 9, 2020

Governor Hickenlooper was found to have violated Colorado’s gift ban for elected officials by Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission. Additionally, in the 18 months leading up to the ethics hearing, over $150,000 in taxpayer money was used to cover Hickenlooper’s attorney costs.

  • The Public Trust Institute filed a 187-page complaint to the Colorado Ethics Commission, alleging Hickenlooper violated the state’s limits on gifts for elected officials by accepting private jet trips and luxury hotel stays.
  • Upon reviewing the complaint, the Colorado Ethics Committee unanimously voted to investigate whether Hickenlooper accepted free jet rides in violation of state rules.
  • The Colorado Ethics Commission determined that Hickenlooper violated the state’s gift ban on two separate occasions.
  • Over $150,000 in taxpayer money, taken from a post-9/11 fiscal recovery fund to help the state recover from a 2001 recession, was used to cover Hickenlooper’s attorney costs over the course of the ethics hearing.
  • Due to statutes of limitations, the commission was only able to investigate trips that Hickenlooper took in 2018, though the initial ethics complaint shows that he violated Colorado’s gift ban throughout his two terms as governor.
  • Hickenlooper admits he funded programs and positions in his administration with no oversight. The donations ran in the millions of dollars over the course of Hickenlooper’s eight years in office

Bottom line: Governor Hickenlooper’s corruption has cost taxpayers thousands of dollars and demonstrated what little regard he has for the rule-of-law.