Rapid Response: Hickenlooper Supports the Green New Deal and Other Job-Killing Energy Proposals

October 9, 2020

Hickenlooper supports the Green New Deal, and other radical policies that would decimate Colorado’s critical energy industry. While Hickenlooper pretends to be pro–oil and gas, he actually carries water for the Green New Deal and environmental extremists that would destroy even more Colorado jobs.

  • Back in February 2019, when Hickenlooper was on his failed run for the presidency, he said that he supports the vision of the Green New Deal and “would go even further.” That’s a surprising statement because the Green New Deal would cost “up to $93 trillion or $600G per household.” 
  • In a New Hampshire town hall Hickenlooper said that he would be happy to embrace “99 percent” of the Green New Deal. 
  • In May 2019, Hickenlooper said that “First thing we got to do, and we’ve done this in Colorado, let’s get rid of the coal-fired electrical generation plants,” which is an idea supported by the Green New Deal. 
    • Months later, it was announced that the Craig Station coal-fired power plant, located in Craig, Colorado would be closing, as well as the Colowyo Mine that has supported it for years. Hundreds of Coloradans will lose their jobs because of extremist policies supported by John Hickenlooper. 
  • Hickenlooper’s support of anti-fracking policies would destroy over 230,000 energy jobs in Colorado alone. 

Bottom line: John Hickenlooper is going to try and say that he is different from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or Chuck Schumer, but the record shows that if sent to Washington he will be a rubber stamp for the costly Green New Deal and will work to kill over 230,000 Colorado energy jobs. Hickenlooper’s extreme support for the Green New Deal, push to kill more Colorado jobs, and vow to ban fracking shows that he is only looking to play politics, not defend Colorado families or jobs.