New Ad: Only One

September 10, 2020

Denver, CO — Cory Gardner for Senate today released a new ad highlighting Governor Hickenlooper’s unprecedented ethics violations during his time in elected office.

“Governor Hickenlooper has cemented his place in history as Colorado’s most corrupt Governor,” said Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO). “From illegal corporate jet flights to Maserati limo rides, Hickenlooper has demonstrated to Coloradans that he thinks he’s above the law— and we don’t need more of that in Washington.” 


In June 2020, Governor John Hickenlooper became the first Governor in Colorado history found guilty by Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) for violating the Colorado Constitution. And, because of his refusal to show up on the original hearing date after being served with a court-ordered subpoena, the IEC voted 5-0 to find him in contempt