John Rittner: Cory Gardner is vital for agriculture in Colorado

Greeley Tribune
August 28, 2020

By Greeley Tribune Letters to the Editor August 28, 2020

While any respectable farmer would tell you that John Deere is the tractor of choice, no respectable farmer would ever fault Senator Cory Gardner for his love of Case because of how much Cory Gardner has done for the agricultural community.

Jokes aside, Cory Gardner is the last hope for rural Colorado. The outcome of this election will decide the fate of Colorado agriculture for the next decade.

Many politicians persist in villainizing entire industries upon which entire rural communities ultimately depend. Additionally, public sentiment towards farmers is changing, thanks to the ill-informed remarks of these same politicians who claim that farmers are irresponsible stewards of the environment.

Farmers provide us with so much more than corn and milk. Anyone who understands agriculture understands that farmers provide us with economic security and independence. Without farmers, we’d be forever dependent upon imported goods, and our economic condition would only grow worse.

This month, in what has become a tradition of his, Cory Gardner toured farms in northeastern Colorado, speaking with constituents and ag industry leaders to check the pulse of Colorado’s rural communities.

Cory Gardner is the only statewide elected official in Colorado that lives more than 20 miles away from Denver and truly understands rural Colorado. His visit was a relief for farmers who often wonder whether their concerns are being addressed in Congress.

As long as Cory remains in the Senate, we can be assured that they are indeed being addressed.

John Rittner, Fort Collins

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