LETTER: U.S. Senate needs Cory Gardner’s rural values

Aurora Sentinel
August 23, 2020

By Anne Savage, Letter to the Editor August 23, 2020

Editor: Some days it feels as though there are two different Colorados. Anyone who has ever lived here would tell you that Colorado’s starkest political divisions coincide perfectly with the state’s starkest geographical divides. Seeing Sen. Cory Gardner in eastern Colorado this past month, however, makes us rural folks feel just as much a part of the state as the people on the Front Range.

Aside from being considerate enough to give us the time of day and stopping by, Cory Gardner possesses an understanding of the issues facing rural Colorado that most lawmakers don’t. When Cory visits eastern Colorado — and he makes sure to visit often — we can expect to be treated like we’re his neighbors. As long as Cory Gardner is in the Senate, rural Coloradans can sleep easy. No senator in my lifetime has demonstrated a greater appreciation for the contributions of rural communities to Colorado’s culture and economy than has Cory Gardner.

As a Coloradan who has for years called the Eastern Plains her home, I admire that Cory Gardner has stood up for conservative rural values in the U.S. Senate. His conservative stance combined with his most recent visit makes it clear to Coloradans that six years in the Senate has not weakened his receptivity to the voices of the people he has served so honorably.

It’s critical that Cory Gardner return to the Senate this upcoming session if we hope to enjoy a strong voice — and listening ear — in Washington. Without Cory Gardner, the Democrats (under Chuck Shumer) will have unbridled control of the Senate and our rural roots here in Colorado will count for nothing. 

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