Sen. Cory Gardner: We need to be at a point where coronavirus tests are available at 7-Eleven

The Washington Times
April 16, 2020

By David Sherfinski

Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican, on Thursday said in an ideal world, a reopening of the country would be accompanied by coronavirus testing that’s so prevalent people can grab one at a 7-Eleven store or in a first-aid kit at an office.

“Testing absolutely is key here,” Mr. Gardner said on “Fox & Friends.” “I’d like to see testing so ubiquitous going forward that you can go buy your Big Gulp at 7-Eleven, and you can get your COVID-19 test at the same time.”

“That every business has in their first-aid kit a COVID-19 test so if they have an employee who has a sore throat, they’re able to go get that … within a matter of minutes, they get results,” he said.

“That’s where we need to be, and it needs to happen soon,” Mr. Gardner said.

He said he thinks the American people are ready to do their part “and now they’re ready to figure out how we get back to what will be a normal life going forward.”

President Trump is set to unveil new guidelines on Thursday for governors to start thinking about how to dial back their stay-at-home orders and reopen businesses in their states.

“I’m sure that this is going to be a phased opening,” Mr. Gardner said. “The bigger events, big crowd, those kinds of things may be later on as we put the pieces together — spacing at restaurants, metering at different business places. That’s probably going to be the theme.”

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