Sen. Cory Gardner keynote at Colorado Federation of Republican Women

The Villager
September 11, 2019

By Scottie Taylor Iverson

Even with rivals CU and Nebraska playing at Folsom Field (and two Nebraska fans in the audience) Maggiano’s was packed with women (and men) to hear keynote speaker Senator Cory Gardner, who is up for reelection, at the Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) annual luncheon. The meeting drew rave reviews for Cory Gardner as well as the restaurant with staff serving multiple platter courses (nine) of divine Italian cuisine. District VI Director (Elbert, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties and not to be confused with Congressional District 6) President Barbara Piper, who also heads Douglas County Republican Women, was emcee.”Senator Gardner is the son I never had,” she said in her introduction.

”Get involved!” was the battle cry of State Party Vice Chair Kristi Burton Brown. Don Ytterberg, who is replacing Steve House and has the title of Senior Advisor State Party said:”CFRW has been a wonderful part of Colorado politics because they are doers.”

I remember covering then candidate for Senate, Congressman Gardner when he carried his son Thatcher to the rally at Denver Lumber Company in 2014.The mile-long smile is still there. The enthusiasm is still there. The passion is still there. And, the most beautiful part – his praise for his wife Jaime is still there! “We have to make sure we go out and tell what we believe in – a better, brighter future. Capitalism is how we do it! The most dangerous part of the 2016 election was the normalization of socialism by Bernie Sanders. This is a fight for the heart and soul of our country. Dems want voters to think Republicans can’t win anymore. Are we going down a path where cheeseburgers are illegal, or do we go down the path of freedom and opportunity – what America believes?” Gardner, known for wanting smaller government, mentioned that his race will be one of the most watched and expensive races – possibly reaching $160 million.”Colorado is more than the Front Range,” said the Senator from Yuma who lives further away from Denver and Boulder than the other candidates and those elected. He shared the importance of ideas, principals and opportunities. “I’m interested in solutions!”

He was encouraged to bring President Trump to Colorado and if he visits, Sen. Gardner wants to show him the major achievements in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Golden and Grand Junction. “If we win Colorado, we hold the Senate majority. When it comes to this great country, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” 

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